2019 Preteen Leaders Conference Recordings

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Get all 29 recordings from every recorded session of FourFiveSix's Preteen Leaders' Online Conference. Topics include:

Main Session (Sean Sweet): 

Main Session (Patrick Snow, Ryan Frank, and Jim Wideman) 

Main Session (Yancy and Melissa McDonald) 

Main Session (Dan Scott and Gordon&Becki West)

What If…We Integrated Spiritual Formation into Preteen Ministry | Gordon West

What If…We connect Fortnite, Minecraft, and other preteen culture to our preteen ministry | Karl Bastian

What If…We developed a lesson for ALL preteens, from start to finish | Alisa Laska

What If…Preteens WILL Worship…even the boys | Sean Sweet

What If…We serve preteen families with special needs | Marie Kuck

What If…Your church saw preteen ministry as their own ministry | Robert Quinn

What If…I discovered the secret of how to relate better to my preteen | Jaime Santos

What If…We made it a priority to train preteen parents as much as we train their kids | Chip Henderson

What If…Games were intentionally utilized to minister to preteens | Paula Mazza

What If…Our ministries were preparing now for Generation Z and Alpha | Matt Morgan

What If…We move from dreams (lofty ideas) toward vision (a concrete PLAN) | Karl Bastian

What If…Preteens ran a Sunday service (The value of teaching preteens to serve) | Robert Quinn

What If…I only have a few preteens in my church (Programming for small churches) | Alisa Laska

What If…There was more than one way to run small groups with preteens | Chip Henderson

What If…I could answer the question, “How do preteens REALLY grow spiritually?” | Joel Bowers

What If…I have preteens who struggle with (or completely abandon) faith in Jesus | James Powell

What If…We could get preteens' behavior issues to go away | Sean Sweet

What If…Small Group leaders were better equipped | Zach Matchett

What If…We could help workers and parents build stronger relationships with our preteens | James Powell

What If…Ministry needs to grow and the money is slow | Hannah Bush

What If…I developed more opportunities for preteens to serve the Church | Sean Sweet

What If…We focused on the heart more than the head | Dan Scott

What If…Meaningful relationships were the heart of preteen discipleship | Hannah Bush

What if…Your preteens asked the hard questions & your church knew about it | Louie Schmitz

What If…I made each week's teaching point SINGULAR and MEMORABLE | Zach Matchett

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2019 Preteen Leaders Conference Recordings

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