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2020 Preteen Online Leaders Conference Recordings

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Get all 34 recordings from this years conference.

Main Session (Patrick Snow, Ron Hunter, and Interview with Sam Kauerauf) 

Main Session (Michayla White, Sean Sweet, and Interview with Eddie Aviles) 

Main Session (Patrick Snow, Ryan Frank, and Interview with Melissa McDonald)

Main Session (Patti Chapman, Jim Wideman, Sean Sweet)

Helping Preteens get into the Bible | Mike Sheley 

Response Stations | Robert Quinn 

Navigating Change | Heather Soukup 

If Faith Isn’t Fun, It’s Over | Greg Johnson 

Bridging the Gap | Karl Bastian 

Overcoming Barriers to PT Ministry | Sean Sweet 

I See You | Paula Mazza 

Games for Preteens | Chip Henderson 

Learning Disabilities | Jeff McCullough 

Preteen Brain Development | Jaime Santos 

Ministry to Gen Z Preteens | Alisa Laska 

Letting Go of the Bike | Patrick Snow 

Starting a Leadership Program | Sean Sweet 

Preteen Ministry Logic Model | James Powell 

Events for Preteens and Families | Robert Quinn 

Preteen Intentional Curriculum | Sean Sweet 

Adolescent Mental Health | Paula Mazza 

The Importance of Competition with Preteens | Louie Schmidt 

Apologetics | Connie Rice 

What Parents of Preteens Need From You | Matt Morgan 

Building Your Volunteer Team | Sean Sweet 

God Sees You | James Powell

Talking to Preteens and Parents About Sex | Chip Henderson 

Preteens in Leadership Roles | Armando Flores

Integrating Spiritual Formation into Your Preteen Curriculum | Gordon West 

Creative Use of Your Preteen Ministry Space | Corinne Noble 

Preteens & Worship | Yancy 

Practical Help for Taking Your Next Step | Hannah Bush 

Keeping Life and Ministry Running Smooth | Alisa Laska

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2020 Preteen Online Leaders Conference Recordings

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