Diamond Collectors Starter Pack

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This is a GREAT WAY to get started as a Diamond Collector!

You'll get 2 pre-built theme decks and 2 Neoprene Game Mats. Plus diamonds, coal, and a mountain.

This is EVERYTHING you need to play a game of Diamond Collectors with a friend right away!


2 unique decks of Diamond Collector Cards

  • 40+ cards in each of the two decks
  • Each Card is unique
  • Give each person one set of cards, and they can pick out their favorites to a create a 10-card, 15-card, or (any size) deck

2 Neoprene Game Mats

  • Size: 16 inches by 10 inches
  • Thickness: 1/16 an inch
  • Smooth cloth top with rubber bottom for traction
  • Vibrant colors
  • Machine Washable

Diamonds and Coal

  • 1 "Diamond Boss" Purple Diamond
  • 20 Red Diamonds (Clay Diamonds)
  • 20 Green Diamonds (Bunome Diamonds)
  • 20 Blue Diamonds (Liquid Diamonds)
  • 40 Coal

A Mountain

  • Full-Color
  • Printed on durable cardstock

How to Play? Check out these videos

  • Walk-Through Game Guide Videos will teach you how to play Diamond Collectors in no time
  • Play your first game following step-by-step instructions if you've never played Diamond Collectors before

I want this!

Diamond Collectors Starter Pack

0 ratings
I want this!