2018 Preteen Leaders Conference Recordings

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2018 Preteen Leaders Conference Recordings

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Get recordings from every recorded session of FourFiveSix's Preteen Leaders' Online Conference. Topics include:

Main Session (Sean Sweet): Understanding the Bucket

Main Session (Patrick Snow): Don’t Stop the Drip

Main Session (Ryan Frank): Turning on the Faucet

Mani Session (Johny Rogers): You Aren’t the Faucet

How to Maximize Outreach in Events and Programs | Jake Morgan

Letting Go of the Bike: A Philosophy of Preteen Ministry | Sean Sweet

The Jesus-Preteen Toolbox: A Ton of Resources for your Preteen Ministry | Mike Sheley

Stinkin’ Thinkin’: The 10 Sabotaging Thinking Errors | Drew Crisp

Getting Preteens Into God’s Word | Heather Dunn

The Preteen Brain, What Are They Thinking: Deeper Look at Preteen Brain Development | Jaime Santos

Talking to Preteens About Purity | Chip Henderson

Small Group Leaders: Recruit, Train, and Empower Them | Robert Quinn

Come to the Table: Engaging Preteens in God’s Word | Gregg Johnson

I See You: Intentional Programs & Postures To Help Your Preteens Feel Seen & Heard | Paula Mazza

Developing Curriculum That Impacts Preteens | Sean Sweet

Intro to Special Needs Alphabet Soup: LD, ADD, ADHD, ASD, SID, & GAD – Recognize & Respond | Wendy Holmes

Mutiny! The Preteens are Running Kids Church!: Developing Preteen Leaders | Karl Bastian

Power of Play: Intentional Game Time Strategies | Paula Mazza

Music, Relevance, and This Thing Called Preteen Worship | Yancy

An Artistic Theology: Using Artistic Means to Connect to Truths About God | Tim Cleary

Assuming the Best: Positive Structure and Discipline | Katie Anderson

Leadership: Developing Preteens in Your Ministry | Armando Flores

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