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Deeply Rooted Curriculum - Monthly Subscription

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Deeply Rooted Curriculum - Monthly Subscription

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The most comprehensive preteen curriculum EVER!

Each month, you'll receive 4 weeks of comprehensive curriculum. Once a quarter, we'll also surprise you with an additional SPECIAL EVENT service that fits into the scope and sequence of the curriculum and helps to fill out the year. 

You'll also receive monthly training FREE for your entire preteen ministry team, and if you have a yearly subscription, you'll get a discount on the Preteen Leaders' Online Conference.

For each week of curriculum, you'll receive:

  * Large Group guides

  * Small Group guides and Leaders devotionals

  * Admin and service planning guides

  * Digital Multimedia: Videos, audio clips, and/or slides

  * Social Media ideas and/or take home components

  * Pre-service ideas

  * Unformatted and editable Word document versions of each lesson

With your subscription, you'll also have access to the closed Facebook group, where you can post ideas to enhance any lesson, read other's ideas, or ask questions about anything. You'll also be able to contact us at FourFiveSix directly via phone or e-mail for support at any time.

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time.

What more do you want? Let us know...we are constantly looking for ways of improving the curriculum, so that we can help to raise the value of your ministry to preteens.

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